Corporate Gift Card Based on Proprietary Digital Currency

A large worldwide hospitality brand is looking to offer a new payment experience to their guests through a digital currency Gift Card in order to take down the boundaries of foreign currencies and their constraints.

Propose solutions to expand the use of the company‘s digital currency within the ecosystem of local partners and/or enhance the user experience of the guests by extending the original value proposition (i.e. bringing in gamification, loyalty points, proposing new use cases…)



Delivering a digital corporate expense management, customer onboarding & payment solution

A large European hospitality brand is looking to replace a paper Food & Beverage voucher (a capped spending allowance) with a digital alternative within a corporate expense B2B private label credit card scheme. The aim of any new initiative should also provide a rewards capability where employees are able to earn some benefit for spend within the restaurant business – driving repeat business.

The initiative also wishes to establish a fully contactless customer journey at the check-in and stay (including uptake of all benefits within the hotel’s and restaurant’s facilities), provide a mechanism to drive repeat purchase via a rewards mechanism, and also investigate options for wider payment acceptance of a private label closed loop card.

The aim is to:

  • establish a contactless journey of a guest staying in the hotel
  • decrease payment management costs
  • improve reporting consolidation
  • improve eco-friendliness of the process, and
  • drive growth and repeat business within restaurants for corporate/B2B customers.

Propose an innovative customer onboarding & registration process for linking a card & an assigned benefit (meal, or other value added service from a selected partner) at the check-in and solutions to establishing a full-suite contactless customer journey.



Secure phone call payments for hospitality bookings

A large worldwide hospitality brand is looking to create a secure booking funnel via the phone to comply with PSD2 regulation.

Provide a solution to enable strong authentication and seamless payment for hospitality services via the voice channel and/or screenless devices


Enabling budget-diverse payment on the Mobility Application

A French bank, jointly with an IT partner, is building an Employer-to-Employee Mobility as a Service Application that enables users (employees) to consume mobility services (providers and products) using several mobility budgets for payments:

1) personal (e.g. personal card registered in the app)

2) corporate (e.g. registered corporate card or expense note)

3) mobility budget provided by the company and sponsored by the French government (FMD: forfait mobilités durables)

Therefore it offers 2 challenges:

• provide technology to enable payment within the application with a choice of a specific budget (host-to-host, by card (preferably virtual) registered in the NFC wallet)

• provide solutions to animate & gamify the end-user experience to boost the usage of the app (eg. activating loyalty benefits such as “fast lane/pass”, access to lounge of train stations, suggesting savings, rewards, displaying individual carbon footprint (CSR), promotion of employer CSR policies in a creative way, cash backs, etc)


Revolutionizing experience of employee benefits administration and spending

A leading European player in employee benefits is looking to innovate the way that the non-salary benefits are provided and used today to enhance the end-user experience.

The new ways of working, especially remotely and from home, are posing a big challenge for companies to motivate & engage with their employees.

The needs and expectations of employees towards the non-salary benefits (to pay for utility, regular expenses or one-time expenses) across different dimensions (nutritious food, physical & mental health, productivity and engagement) have also evolved.

The proposed challenge, therefore, is to design a solution that enables administration of the various employee benefits (by the corporate clients) and their seamless and interactive spending by the users (employees).

Propose innovative ways to bring such a solution to life, suggesting technology and expertise specifically focusing on enriching customer journey and greater uptake of the services.


Digital identity-based payment in an e-commerce application

A subsidiary of Austrian banks is looking to integrate a digital identity-based payment for their e-commerce payments application.

To respond to the challenge we are looking for a partner that can make the authentication process simpler and more transparent to the customer and combine ID verification with payment, with the aim to enhance the user experience.

In this framework, we are particularly looking for the following assets:

- European open wallet eID integration

- Biometric means of identification

- Remote ID verification

- Financial check-out

- Payment validation notification

All combined into one single seamless workflow.


Eliminating fraud on voice-based payments

A major French transportation company is looking to eliminate fraud in the voice-channel-based card payments and reduce fraud vulnerability of sales by telephone.

To respond to the challenge, we are looking for solutions in:

• adding a security layer on the voice-channel-based-transactions in order to identify fraud and instantly notify about it.

• enabling strong authentication and seamless payment via the voice channel.


Offering a seamless online payment flow in physical boutiques and pop-up stores

A leader in beauty care is looking to offer its customers a seamless online payment flow in physical boutiques and pop-up stores.

The combination of the customer’s personal mobile phone and the physical shop / corner / pop up store devices will be acting as an alternative to standard check-out, in order to decrease waiting time and increase customer engagement.


An application for authentication and basket creation is already live and available through the physical shops’ devices, yet the challenge is to establish connection & transfer of the basket contents to customer’s mobile device in order to finalize the order and perform the payment using payment details already registered on the customer’s phone (wallet, chrome prefill,…)


The required solution should enable the transfer of the basket content, and payment link/context to the customer’s personal device using 4G or 5G. 

It should also provide options, enrolling to the loyalty program, selecting additional benefits based on the loyalty program, checking the incentives currently being promoted by the shop or other customer engagement opportunities (social commerce for instance).

Upon confirmation of the order by the customer, it must re-route the payment to the designated payment page and feed the reporting data back to the POS (SDK) in real time & back to company payment reports (settlement report). The aim of this reporting is to enable tracking of all online payment transactions outcoming from the physical shops. The customer should instantly receive an e-receipt or a green pass in case of no connection so he can exit the shop and show the pass to security.



Implementing e-Invoicing

A European bank is looking for a partner to innovate the e-invoicing solutions targeting B2B, B2G, within the Order-to-Cash and Procurement-to-Payment processes.

To respond to the challenge we are looking for a partner that can make the invoice management the natural extension of the customer/supplier relationship.

More precisely, we look after the below functionalities:

• Invoicing modules with digitization of workflows

• Centralized supplier communication

• Interactivity and process automation, including payment options

• Link with accounting and BFM solutions

• Fraud & Risk calculation


Payment & Loyalty made seamless

A French supermarket chain is looking to innovate the consumer journey by simplifying the use of their loyalty program at the POS checkout.

The aim is to allow people to benefit from the loyalty benefits in all circumstances, like forgetting the physical loyalty card at home or not having enough battery to activate the loyalty benefits on their mobile application.

To respond to this challenge, we are looking for a partner to:

- Provide a solution to link the existing loyalty cards (physical & digital) to any payment card

- Propose a way to use this payment card while benefiting from all the loyalty membership advantages without any additional effort on the consumer’s side.



Digital credit card for limited purposes

A major IT service provider in the financial industry is looking to introduce a special purpose digital / virtual credit card with controlled payment functionality.

Target group: corporate customers issuing cards to their employees and private customers (e.g. minors who are authorized by their legal guardians)

The goal is to produce a card on the fly through a mobile app to enable payment in physical and online stores. Essential requirement: authentication before card application process & KYC checks. In addition, recognition of the cardholder as a valid and an approved user for his credit exposure (in case of credit cards) must be provided.

For this challenge we are looking for partners who could propose budget & expense management technologies, including, but not limited to:

• cardholder enrollment

• document acquisition

• ID scan


• card limit management / card control

Integration with major marketplaces is (apple-pay and android-pay) is highly preferred.


Enable a seamless account-based payment experience in physical stores

A European bank is looking to implement a new functionality for QR code and NFC based payments at the POS checkout to improve user experience.

To confirm the operation, both the merchant and the end-consumer need to receive an instant notification, you may see the full reference for the expected customer journey here.

The key criteria for the successful end-solution are: 1. account-based payment (PSD2 APIs); 2. in-store payment; 3. instant notification on transaction settlement; 4. QR-code and NFC based payments.

Provide business concept and technology to enable a seamless account-based payment experience in physical stores.


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